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Mailing List

A dedicated mailing list has been created for this event for all participants: gpon-test-event@lanpark.eu

Please note that joining the mailing list does not imply your registration for the event.
To register, you must follow the registration process detailed here.

Please note that the information exchanged using this mailing list will be shared between members registered to this mailing list.
It SHALL NOT be used for exchange of confidential information.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to the gpon-test-event mailing list, please send an email to contact@lanpark.eu and put the wording "XGS-PON test event subscribe" (to subscribe) or "XGS-PON test event unsubscribe" (to unsubscribe) in the subject field.


To write to the list
Mail to: gpon-test-event@lanpark.eu

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