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All participating companies are required to sign the Broadband Forum Nondisclosure Agreement for GPON Plugfests (NDA) as a condition of participation. This NDA is available here or in the “GPON Plugfest Events” section of the following Broadband Forum link.

A copy of the Broadband Forum NonDisclosure Agreement in full may be also obtained by contacting April Nowicki


All physical person attending and participating to the Plugfest are required to sign the Broadband Forum Acknowledgement of Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA ACK form).

The NDA ACK form is sent by LAN to the Main Contact Person of the Participant Company after the Registration process is completed.

All signed ACKs have to be sent to LAN. These forms will then be sent to the Broadband Forum administration by LAN.

Please ask all participants to complete the NDA ACK form and send the signed version per registered participants before June 8th 2019 to the attention of Gilles Samson

Attendees who have not signed the NDA ACK form will not be allowed to attend the event.

Confirmation of NDA:

When the NDA and NDA ACK forms are completed and are sent back to their respective recipients (resp. Brodband Forum and LAN), please complete the confirmation form.

Special notice

This event is hosted in a neutral location. It is strictly an engineering event with a high level of sensitivity requiring confidentiality and quite environment.

This is neither a conference nor a workshop. Marketing, sales, and other personnel must be aware that this is not the appropriate place for promotional activities.

As such, we request that participants either:
  • Provide implementation for the tests or eventually test the system
  • To ensure absolute compliance to the rules, the event is under a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
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