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It is possible for participants to send equipment in advance. It will be stored by LAN and will be provided to participants for the event.

This is the responsibility of each participant to organize the shipment to and from FRANCE (choice of the transport company, transport fees, administrative etc.).

Each participant is free to select the transport company of his/her choice. Return shipment must be arranged when organizing incoming shipment. Please check carefully to ensure your company complies with the correct shipping rules for shipping equipment to FRANCE.

In all cases, bring all shipping information with you:
Airway bill/tracking numbers, name and contact details of shipping company, details of pick up arrangements.

Also it is requested that each participant makes sure that the customer forms are adequately filled and that no tax funding will be requested to LAN by borders services. LAN will not bear any such tax fees in case shipment forms to FRANCE were not correctly filled. LAN can however provide support to fill such forms before the shipment.

All equipment should be shipped:

  • To the attention of :
    Victor Logie
    Phone: +33 2 47 43 25 00

  • To the following address :
    165 Rue Yves Chauvin
    Node Park Touraine
    37310 TAUXIGNY

Please ensure that the name of your company as well as the wordings "XGS-PON TEST EVENT" are clearly visible on the shipping box.

Laboratoire des Applications Numériques
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Tél. : +33 2 47 43 25 00 - Fax : +33 2 47 43 25 01