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G3-PLC Certification Program 

The G3-PLC certification program, managed by the G3 PLC Alliance, is open to silicon vendors and manufacturers members in good standing of the Alliance.

Certification  covers  chipsets  and  a  wide  range  of  G3-PLC  products  including  Meters,  Data Concentrators and Home Energy Management Systems manufactured by the members of the G3-PLC Alliance.

Products  that  have  been  awarded  with  the  G3-PLC  Certificate  are  conforming  to  the  G3-PLC specifications. They are fulfilling defined performance requirements and are interoperable with other G3-PLC certified devices.

LAN accredited by the G3-PLC Alliance 

The G3 PLC Alliance has selected LAN, as an independent Testing Laboratory, to run the G3-PLC certification program.

Please contact us if you wish to certify your platform (silicon solution), or your product (meter, data concentrator, HEMS, etc.).

Introduction to the G3-PLC certification 

The G3 PLC certification program is described in the “G3 PLC Certification Program” document [1] which provides an overview of the certification tests, describes the prerequisites and outlines the steps to achieve G3-PLC certification.

It is based on the G3-PLC conformance, performance and interoperability test plans developed by the G3-PLC Alliance, [3], [4], [5] and [6].

It is managed by the Certification Program Executive Committee (CPEC) of the G3 PLC Alliance.

Details on the prerequisites for devices and the test procedures can be found in the “Certification Tests Procedures for G3 PLC Certification” document [2]. This document describes all the procedures to be applied for the G3-PLC certification tests or re-tests for a specific platform or for a specific product. It explains how the G3-PLC Test Plans are used in the context of the G3-PLC certification of platforms and products.

The certification procedure will apply for the Certification Profiles of the G3-PLC specification published by the G3-PLC Alliance.

Current Certification Profiles eligible for certification are CENELEC A, ARIB and FCC.


LAN Services 

LAN services include pretests, certification tests, in situ debug sessions and various packages helping manufacturers to achieving certification in the most appropriate an efficient way. Please contact us for any question on the G3-PLC certification program and our related services:


[1]  G3-PLC Certification Program

[2]  Certification Test Procedures for G3-PLC Certification

[3]  Conformance Test Specification

[4]  Performance Test Specification

[5]  1-to-1 PHY Interoperability Test Specification

[6]  L3-L4 Test Specification

All  these  documents  have  been  developed  by  the  G3-PLC  Alliance.  The  latest  edition  of  the referenced  document  (including  any  amendments)  applies.  These  documents  are  available  for members of the G3-PLC Alliance on the website of the Alliance:



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