Test ADSL2+ TR105

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The Technical report TR-105 has been written by Broadband Forum experts. It provides a set of test methods to verify a significant subset of the transceiver functional requirements of ADSL2/ADSL2plus modems implemented in accordance with ITU-T G.992.3 et G992.5, as well as physical layer OAM configuration and performance monitoring parameters defined in ITU-T G.997.1.
This test specification completes TR-100 which provides a set of region specific performance requirements and test methods for ADSL2/ADSL2plus modems.

5.1Net Data rate Test
5.1.1Fixed data rate operation in the interleaved mode
5.1.2Fixed data rate operation in the fast mode
5.1.2Rate adaptive operation in the interleaved mode
5.1.2Rate adaptive operation in the fast mode
5.2Interleaving Delay Test
5.3Impulse Noise Protection Test
5.4Dual Latency Test (optional)
5.5On-Line Reconfiguration Test
5.5.1Bitswapping Test
5.5.2Seamless Rate Adaptation Test (optional)
5.5.3Dynamic Rate Repartitionning test (optional)
5.6Loop Diagnostics Mode Test Linear Channel
5.6.1Characteristics function (HLIN) Test
5.6.2Logaritmic Channel Characteristics Function (HLIN) Test
5.6.3Quiet Line Noise (QLN) Test
5.6.4Signal-to Noise Ratio (SNR) Test
5.6.5Loop Attenuation (LATN) Test
5.6.6Signal Attenuation (SATN) Test
5.6.7Signal-to-Noise ratio Margin (SNRM) test
5.6.8Attainable Net Data Rate (ATTNDR) test
5.6.9Actual Aggregate Transmit Power (ACTATP) Test
5.7Power Management Mode Transition Tests
5.7.1Low Power Entry Test
5.7.2Low Power Exit Test
5.8LOW Power (L2) Mode
5.9PSD Tests
5.9.1PSD Mask
5.9.2Aggregate Transmit Power Test
5.9.3In-Band Spectral Shaping Test
5.9.4Downstream Power Back-off Test
5.10Longitudinal Balance Test
5.11Virtual Noise Test
5.12ATU-R Inventory Information Test
5.13EOC Communication Test
5.14Dying Gasp Test
6.1Configuration Parameter MAXSNRM
6.2Configuration Parameter MINSNRM
6.3Configuration Parameter TARSNRM
6.4Configuration Parameter PSDMASK
6.5Configuration Parameter CARMASK
6.6Configuration Parameter MAXNOMPSD
6.7Configuration Parameter MAXNOMATP
6.8CIPOLICY Functional Test
7.1Performance Monitoring Counters for CV and ES
7.2Performance Monitoring Counters for SES
7.3Performance Monitoring Counters for FULL INITIALIZATION, LOSS-Land LOSS-LFE
7.4Performance Monitoring Counters for UNAVAILABLE SECONDS
7.5Performance Monitoring Counters for FAILED FULL INITIALIZATION
7.6Verification of the Previous Data Rate Parameter
7.8Inhibition of Performance Monitoring Counters
7.9Performance Monitoring Counters during G.998.4 retransmission