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The Technical report TR-100 has been written by Broadband Forum experts. It provides a set of performance requirements and test methods for ADSL2/ADSL2plus modems implemented in accordance to ITU-T G992.3 et G992.5.
An ADSL2/ADSL2plus system consists of DSLAMs, filters and splitters located at both ends of the local loop, and CPE modems.
These systems are tested for dynamic interoperability on a set of loops and noise conditions which allows a large covering of loop conditions representative of network operator’s deployments.
This test specification is linked with TR-105 which is focussing on the verification of transceiver functionalities and management parameters.

8Physical Layer Test Cases
8.1Bitswap performance test
8.2DSL Noise Spikes/Surges Tests
8.2.1Isolated noise burst test
8.2.2Repetitive High level Impulse Noise (REIN) test
8.2.3Common mode noise susceptibility test
8.3Stress Test
8.4Verification of CRC error reporting by ATU-R (Basic CRC Functionality)
9Higher Layer Test Cases
9.1RFC2684 [11] Layer 3 Ethernet or USB Interface bridged mode
9.1.1Packet Throughput Test
9.2RFC2516 [12] PPPoE Throughput Test
9.3RFC2364 [13] PPPoA End-to-End Connectivity Test
9.4RFC2684 [11] IP Bridged End-to-End Connectivity Test
9.5Power Cycle Test
A2European Test Set (ANNEX A)
A2.1Noise and noise injection
A2.2CPE Margin verification tests
A2.3CO Margin Verification (Optional)
A2.4Verification of downstream bi/gi values
A2.5Loop Tests with Ports Set for Adaptive Rate
A2.6Loop Tests with Ports Set for Fixed Rate
A2.7Loop Tests with Ports Set for Adaptative rate
A2.8REIN noise impairement
A3ADSL2plus European tests operating with DS-PSD mask above ADSL
A3.1Noise ADSL2plus over ADSL FD (rate adaptive)
A3.2Noise ADSL2plus over ADSL FD (fixed rate)
B2Performance European Test set for ADSL2, Annex B
B2.1CPE Margin verification tests
B2.2CO Margin verification tests (Optional)
B2.3Verification of Downstream bi/gi Values
B2.4Loop Tests with Ports Set for Adaptive Rate
B2.5Loop Tests with Ports Set for FIxed Rate
B2.5.1White Noise impairment
B2.5.2European noise FB Impairment
B2.5.3Target Noise margin consideration
B2.6Performance in L2 mode
B3PerformanceTest set for ADSL2, Annex B
B3.1CPE Margin verification tests
B3.2CO Margin verification tests
B3.3Verification of downstream bi/gi values
B3.4Loop Tests with Ports Set for Adaptive Rate
B3.5Loop Tests with Ports Set for Fixed Rate
B3.5.1White Noise impairment
B3.5.2European noise FB Impairment
B3.5.3Target Noise margin consideration
B3.6Performance in L2 mode
B3.7Performance with configured RFIBANDds
B3.8ADSL2plus European tests operating with DS-PSD mask above ADSL
RG.998.4[21] Retransmission For G.992.5