Tests SHDSL TR 060

Download TR-060 Issue 2

The Technical report TR-060 has been written by Broadband Forum experts. It provides a set of test methods to validate the electrical characteristics of the transceiver, the physical layer performances of a G.SHDSL modem implemented in accordance with ITU-T G.991.2.
Higher layer functionality test cases are also defined in this document. These systems are tested for dynamic interoperability on a set of loops and noise conditions which allows a large covering of loop conditions representative of network operator’s deployments.


4.2.1Transmit Power Level
4.2.2Power Spectral Density (PSD) Tests
4.2.3Power Back Off (PBO) Tests
4.2.4Impedance of the Transceiver
4.2.5Unbalance about Earth – LCL
4.2.6Unbalance about Earth – LOV
4.2.7Power Feeding and Wetting Current
(if implemented) Current Power Consumption (load) Power Provision (source) of the CPE and low frequency AC termination of the NTU
4.2.8Frame BIT Tests Bit compatibility
4.2.9Overall Activation Test to Reach Data Mode
4.4Noise Performance