Tests TR127

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The Technical report TR-127 has been written by Broadband Forum. It provides a set of test methods and robustness criteria to dynamically verify the quality of the xDSL filter, i.e its capability to filter all POTS transitions (on-hook, off-hook, ringing, and ring trip events). These tests are done using real xDSL transmission line (DSLAM, real cable, CPE modem, etc.).
TR-127 compliancy insures a good deployment of the related filter in the operator network, especially for triple play services.
These tests are complementary to ETSI TS-101-952-1 tests which validate the electrical characteristics of the filters.

8.2Lab Calibration Test Without POTS Splitters
8.3Continuous hook state test using baseline splitters
8.4Continuous hook state test with a splitter as DUT
8.5Continuous ringing test with baseline splitters
8.6Continuous ringing test with a splitter as DUT
8.7Ringing with cadencing test with a splitter as DUT
8.8On-hook to Off-hook and back in the absence of ringing
8.9On-hook to Off-hook ring-trip transition
8.10Data rate performance